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How to Boost and Move Your Qi Naturally for Fertility? By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Are you having chronic miscarriages?

Do you have a low libido?

Is your period irregular?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then it is likely that your qi is either low or stuck/stagnated.

Here are 5 natural ways to increase your qi and get it moving.

  • Acupuncture- by choosing specific points on the body acupuncture can unblock the meridians if the qi is stuck as well as work with the body to increase the qi.
  • Herbal formulas- Formulas such as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang are great to keep the qi lifted and prevent miscarriage. If you have had a few miscarriages it is worth it to speak with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor to see if this formula is right for you, especially if you are pregnant again and worried about another miscarriage. Most Herbal formulas are perfectly safe to take during pregnancy!
  • Astralagus- You can find astralagus at most health food stores like Community Natural Foods. This herb can be boiled for ten minutes and then you just drink the water. I like to throw a couple pieces of it in my tea every once in awhile. Astralagus can boost the qi and give you an extra spark in the bedroom! It should be noted that you should not take astralagus for a long period of time, it is quite hot and if you are taking it when you no longer need it you can damage the fluids within your body. If you have questions about this herb talk to your Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. Did you know you can book a 30-minute herbal consult with me at Lasya Healing Centre where we can discuss certain supplements you may be interested in as well as create a custom formula just for you.
  • Qi Gong- Because air is a form of qi, by doing specific breathing exercises such as qi gong you are able to boost your qi as well as help to release it. A deep breath or a sigh helps to move the qi within the body and remove blockages. Once these blockages are removed your period should become more regular.
  • Yoga- Light yoga classes or stretching helps stretch the meridians and remove any stuck qi within them. If you are feeling pain anywhere that is a sign qi is stagnated. By stretching that area, you are giving your body an opportunity to move qi out of the meridian. This can also help improve the quality of your period such as the regularity and the PMS symptoms you may be having.

If you are struggling with fertility, a component of that struggle will be because of an imbalance of qi. Go online to and do the free Fertility Assessment to find out the next steps to get you on the road to conceiving naturally and quickly.