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How to Improve Your Sperm Without Breaking the Bank. By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Is the stress of getting pregnant costing you your wealth?

Do you have a low sperm count or motility issues?

Here are 3 tips men can do for free in order to improve your chances at conception;

  1. Go to your spice rack to increase your sperm count and motility: Garlic helps increase your sperm count as well as the endurance of sperm. In low doses it can also increase your libido. Just a small amount of garlic in your cooking can improve motility and your levels of sperm.
  1. Give yourself or get your partner to give you a foot massage; It takes at least 24 hours for sperm to regenerate after intercourse. There are specific acupoints on the foot and ankle that can stimulate the body to regenerate sperm quicker. By giving yourself a foot massage you can hit those points and speed up the process. Be sure to massage the top, bottom and ankle of your foot.
  1. Stop carrying your cellphone in your front pocket; the electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phones can affect the sperms viability and ability to swim. If you can, place your phone in your jacket pocket or front shirt pocket. If this isn’t an option take the phone out of your pants pocket while you are sitting.

By increasing your sperms endurance, motility, amount and its ability to regenerate quicker you are increasing your chances of success.

Because it takes at least 24 hours to regenerate, keep in mind that having intercourse more frequently isn’t going to increase your chances.

Also on the week your partner is ovulating try to keep masturbation to a minimum. The quality and quantity of sperm drastically decreases for at least 24 hours after ejaculation.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Formulas are a great way to improve sperm quality and quantity when you have been told your counts are low or you have mobility issues.

It takes about 74 days for sperm to regenerate, therefore a 3 month lifestyle plan along with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Formulas can dramatically change your sperm.

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