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How to Prevent Miscarriages According to Chinese Medicine Theory? By Dr. Robin Wittner, DTCM, RAc

Have you had one or many miscarriages?

Are you afraid to get pregnant again because you fear another miscarriage?

Did you know acupuncture can support you through pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage?


Here are three ways Chinese Medicine looks at miscarriage and how acupuncture can help you;

  1. Qi deficiency; qi is considered the energy within your body and if it is low it “sinks” causing a downward motion and is unable to “hold” a fetus. Prolapses, a heavy sensation, chronic miscarriage, heart shaped uterus and low energy are just a few symptoms of qi deficiency.

You can strengthen your qi by placing heat on your abdomen for ten minutes a day right around the belly button. There are also specific Chinese Medicine formulas that can strengthen your qi quickly and effectively.

  1. Blood deficiency; If you have had chronic miscarriages you are likely blood deficient just from the blood loss of the miscarriage. Other symptoms of blood deficiency are night sweats, pale tongue or face, irritability, and thirst.

If you are blood deficient it is important you give your body the proper amount of time before trying to conceive again, typically around three months. Things you can do to boost your blood are drink bone broth everyday, and add goji berries to green tea everyday.

  1. Kidney deficiency; this is associated with stress. If your body is in stress mode it doesn’t believe in can carry a baby. It is important to keep your stress levels as low as possible once you are pregnant.

Once pregnant, find ways to reduce stress weekly such as massage or acupuncture. You can also support your kidneys by eating foods that are dark in colour. Black sesame and dark leafy greens are two foods that can help your kidneys process stress.

In Western Medicine miscarriage is often attributed to genetic abnormalities, but when genetic testing is done everything comes back normal.

Chinese Medicine is so successful treating recurring miscarriages because it looks at the whole body and makes it strong and healthy so it can carry a baby.

Once pregnant, acupuncture is perfectly safe to support pregnancy and make sure the kidneys, qi and blood stay strong throughout. Acupuncture can also help with morning sickness, constipation and low energy levels that are common throughout pregnancy.

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