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Is Qi Affecting Your Fertility? 3 Signs Your Qi is Out of Harmony and Causing You Fertility Issues. By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Do you know what Qi is?

Did you know it could be affecting your fertility?

Qi can be a difficult term to explain and understand because in western medicine there really isn’t anything that compares. Often times you may have heard it described as energy, but that is just one tiny part of qi. Qi could also be described as all matter, when it conglomerates it is solid material and in its dispersed form it is the basis for energy, the soul, air etc. Qi is also the driving force behind all physiological processes in the body. It is Spleen qi that aids digestion, Heart qi that circulates the blood, and liver qi that moderates hormones.

When we look at qi, there are two ways it can cause disharmony in the body and affect your fertility;

It can become weak or deficient.

Qi has the function to provide energy, lift and hold upwards, warm the body and it provides the energy for any process within the body. When it becomes weak these things are affected.

It can become stuck or stagnant.

Because qi is matter and is just a conglomeration or dispersion of molecules, if it is given the wrong information it can conglomerate where it is not supposed to. This can cause a stickiness or a blockage preventing proper flow from organs and meridians

Here are three ways qi deficiency and qi stagnation may be affecting your fertility.

Chronic miscarriage; If you are having chronic or habitual miscarriages it is likely that you have qi deficiency. It is qi’s job to hold everything in place and hold it up. With miscarriage, the qi is unable to hold the fetus, resulting in the loss.

Low libido; if you find you or your partner have lost their mojo, once again your qi is probably low. Qi provides you with the energy in your body so whether you feel like you are lacking energy in just daily life, or lacking energy in the bedroom its time to give that qi a boost.

Irregular Menstruation; If your periods are irregular this is likely qi stagnation. Qi can become stuck due to emotions, stress, or many other reasons and once this happens the menstruation can be affected. Liver qi stagnation can cause painful periods, irregular periods and PMS.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, along with nutrition and exercise can boost your qi and prevent it from stagnating. Acupuncture clears the meridians and disperses qi and herbal formulas can quickly increase qi. Miscarriage, low libido and irregular menstruation are three issues that the Fertility Blueprint Program at Lasya Healing Centre can help you to get under control. Go to to do the free assessment now.