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Do You Feel Overwhelmed With all the Supplements and Herbs You are Taking? By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Do you feel like you are trying everything when it comes to your fertility?

Are all the supplements, herbs and medications becoming overwhelming?

Here are three reasons why doing or taking too much could be hindering your fertility.

  • In Chinese Medicine overthinking and worrying damages the spleen and stomach. If you are constantly worrying about which supplement or pill to take, if you are ovulating, what if it doesn’t work, these thoughts can make it that much harder to conceive. The spleen is in charge of keeping blood in its vessels and “holding”. If it is damaged chronic miscarriage (the spleens inability to hold), PCOS, and endometriosis can occur. Avoid overthinking and worry by creating a chart with what supplements need to be taken at what time along with what medications. Set alarms for your phone to go off when certain medications need to be taken, that way you don’t have to constantly figure out if you have remembered to take something. These thoughts of worry are to be expected so its just a matter of managing them instead of supressing them. Journaling is also a great way to express your emotions in a healthy manner so that they cannot injure the body.
  • Are you taking every supplement that you have heard can help with fertility? Supplements and herbs are great adjuncts to add to your regime to give the body the proper nutrients it needs to conceive. However, to many supplements could be harming your liver. Your liver is very important to help metabolize hormones and it needs to be running at its best for your hormones to remain balanced. Make sure the supplements you are taking are of the highest quality because a lot of the excess ingredients in supplements can bog down your liver and make it unable to keep up with its job. Instead of taking every supplement out there, look at where you can get certain nutrients from food. Eat a smoothie a day with a few added fertility superfoods, to make sure you are getting everything your body needs. You can learn more about fertility superfoods and smoothie recipes if you purchase Lasya’s Fertility Toolkit at
  • Taking every supplement and herb that is ‘supposed to help with fertility’ sounds like a good idea but when it comes to alternative medicine it is not ‘one size fits all’. We look at each person uniquely and based on their specific signs and symptoms prescribe formulas that treat the root of the cause of the infertility. Two people could have PCOS but be prescribed completely different formulas so it is very important to consult with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor to find the right herbs for you. You should also consult with a naturopath before taking too many supplements.

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