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Does the thought of Christmas Shopping fill You With Anxiety? Here are three ways to make the mall more enjoyable and stress free. By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Are you dreading going to the mall to finish your Christmas shopping?

Do all the crowds and lineups make you anxious and irritable? Does the stress of shopping for presents make you forget what Christmas is all about?

Here are three tips you can use while you are at the mall to help decrease stress and irritability.

1) Massage the meaty area between your thumb and pointer finger.

No this isn’t too warm up your hands to fight for the last gift in the aisle! This point is an acupoint that helps relieve irritability and tension. By massaging each hand for two minutes you can reduce blood pressure, relieve headaches and relieve tension and anxiety.

2) Bring a to go cup with chrysanthemum tea.

Beer might sound like a better option for the to go cup, but then you might buy all the wrong presents! Chrysanthemum tea is excellent to decrease blood pressure and calm the mind. Drinking warm liquids naturally has a soothing effect to slow the heart rate 

3) Bring some chocolate

Dark chocolate stimulates the part of your brain associated with pleasure and reward. After each store, pop a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth and just let it melt. Not only will this boost your mood it will also prevent a blood sugar drop, which is sure to make you cranky.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be so rewarding. Just try and imagine how happy they are going to be receiving the gift and maybe that can bring a smile to your face. Everyone at the mall is experiencing similar feelings, so remember you aren’t alone. 

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