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Is Qi Affecting Your Fertility? 3 Signs Your Qi is Out of Harmony and Causing You Fertility Issues. By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Do you know what Qi is? Did you know it could be affecting your fertility?

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How to Boost and Move Your Qi Naturally for Fertility? By Dr. Robin Wittner, RAc, DTCM

Are you having chronic miscarriages? Do you have a low libido? Is your period irregular?

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Hormones Unbalanced? The Emotional Connections Affecting 3 Common Fertility Concerns. By Paige Challoner, Fertility Specialist.

Have you already checked off a list of things to try to get those hormones balanced?  Have you improved your diet, increased your exercise and taken measures to de-stress your mind and body?  Have you ever wondered if there is some else that might be contributing to

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Having Trouble Achieving Your Desires? 3 Things to Consider to Get Clear on What You Truly Desire and Get Better Results. By Paige Challoner, Access Consciousness Practitioner.

Do you often fall short of achieving your desires?  Or they never turn up the way you expected? Does it seem harder for you to achieve your desires, compared to those around you?  Frustrating and disappointing, to say the least.  Perhaps it is time to take a

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Are Your Negative Thoughts Impacting Your Fertility? 3 Easy Steps To Change This. By Christine Rooney, Expert Fertility Specialist

Do you feel resentful when you see a pregnant woman? Is each negative pregnancy test making you feel more anxious? Is not being pregnant leaving you feeling depressed or not quite yourself?

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Are Your Desires Just Not Happening For You? 3 Powerful Tools To Change This. By Christine Rooney, Massage, Energy Work, Reflexology

Are you tired of not getting what you desire? Find you are constantly judging yourself for this? Feeling confused as to what steps you can take to feel better?

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Are You Ignoring Your Wellbeing Due to a Busy Lifestyle? 3 Tips To Help Make You A Priority By Jessica Choronzey, RMT

Do you struggle to make “you” time?  Is your performance at work lacking due to you being overwhelmed?  Are you feeling constantly fatigued?

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Are You Grounded or Staying Rooted In Your Story? 3 Ways To Ground By Letting Go.

Do you feel like you are spinning the same reality day after day? Are you tired of telling yourself the same things all the time? Are you perpetually waiting for tomorrow? 

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7 Ways to Nurture Your Throat Chakra and Assist Your Thyroid

Are you feeling sluggish? Do you experience mood swings? Have you had feelings of depression?

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3 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Inside Voice To Expand And Create More.

Do you sometimes over share or blurt things out to later wish you didn’t? Do you often have feelings of “I should’ve known” and then make yourself wrong after? Do you always need to defend your rightness?  

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