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Energy Levels Low and Trying to Conceive? Try These 5 Things to Balance Hormones, Increase Your Energy and Boost Your Fertility Potential. By Paige Challoner, Fertility Specialist

Are you constantly waking up tired and grumpy?

Are your days punctuated with more energy lows than highs?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed on a regular basis? 

If you are trying to conceive and are experiencing low energy levels on a regular basis, you are likely experiencing a hormonal imbalance.  Other common indications of a hormone imbalance include insomnia, weight gain around the abdominal region, tenderness in your breasts, period irregularities and discomfort, bloating and hot flashes.

If you checked off more than 2 of these, then you will want to get started on regaining balance with your hormones, as the right balance is key when trying to conceive and with ensuring a pregnancy goes to full term.

These 5 things will assist your body with getting the right hormonal balance required while increasing your energy levels and boosting your fertility!

1)  Detox extra hormones in your system.  This can be done through a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Increase whole foods and decrease sugary foods that increase insulin secretions quickly. Drink plenty of filtered water and get that body moving.  All of these will help your body’s digestive system with cleaning out toxins and wastes, including excess hormones that typically get stored as fat.

2) Restore nutrients.  Eating empty calories, or foods that have little or no nutritional value leaves the body undernourished, contributing to those low energy levels.  Again, eating whole foods, and a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and oils and proteins will provide your body with the building blocks required for your cells.

3) Increase your healthy fats. So important that it gets its own point! You need healthy fats to build those hormones that are necessary for a regular menstrual cycle, including regular ovulation. These are your Omega 3-6-9s and are found in flax oil, fish oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and various nuts and seeds.

4) Lower your cortisol – the stress hormone.  Reducing additional stresses in your life and anything that keeps you in a constant state of overwhelm is a must. Another tool to try is practicing deep breathing.  It helps calm your nervous system down and the additional oxygen inhaled helps clear your head, making you feel more energized.

5)  Work on regulating your sleep.  Again, more hormones involved with getting your circadian rhythm on track.  Put away those electronic devices 2 hours before bed, try black out curtains or a face mask to reduce light exposure to the pineal gland through the retinas.  Try to have a set sleep and wake time for your body and get a minimum of 8 hours to give your nervous system the rest it needs from the crazy, busy world around you.

Still need help with balancing your hormones and increasing your energy?  We can help!    Our Fertility Blueprint Program addresses this and more when it comes to infertility.  To learn more, book a VIP Day or sign up for our 3 Month Program, call Lasya Healing Centre at 403-452-2445.