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Hormones Unbalanced? The Emotional Connections Affecting 3 Common Fertility Concerns. By Paige Challoner, Fertility Specialist.

Have you already checked off a list of things to try to get those hormones balanced? 

Have you improved your diet, increased your exercise and taken measures to de-stress your mind and body? 

Have you ever wondered if there is some else that might be contributing to your infertility?

Our bodies are so incredibly smart, and when it knows that you are feeling hurt, threatened or troubled in any way that is not nurturing or helpful to you, it affects your endocrine system.  There are so many cases where I have seen women trying to conceive and there are some strong underlying needs that are not being met. How we determine what the underlying feelings are that may be creating hormonal imbalances, is by looking at the clues that are being reflected in the physical body.

Here are three common fertility concerns and some deeper emotional connections that can contribute to creating an imbalance in the body. 

  1. Amenorrhea or Anovulation – Typically this is a person who is their own worst critic. They are lacking in self-love and compassion and have a strong tendency for control, and perfectionism.  This usually includes a long list of “have to do” items, and will be harsh on themselves if everything isn’t accomplished to their high standards. They are not easily forgiving of themselves as they usually have a strong dislike for who they are.
  1. PCOS – polycystic ovaries – Typically this person is nursing a deeper hurt rather than allowing to process and release it. It involves an imbalance in their femininity and masculinity where they will either reject or be in conflict with their femininity. They will typically have a strong masculine-like drive, such as is characteristic with the classic workaholic, or extreme fitness goer.  Emotions are usually suppressed as they are a sign of weakness.
  1. Endometriosis – Typically this person is very insecure, and holds a lot of self frustration and disappointment. They have difficulty with loving themselves and will have a lot of grief or deep sadness that will usually be replaced with indulging in sugar.  They will be disconnected from their personal power with a strong tendency to blame others for everything.

To understand what is really causing the hormonal disruptions and thus the fertility issue, take a closer look at what emotional obstacles you are dealing with. Starting here will assist with addressing what truly is triggering the fertility concern that you are dealing with.

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