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Is Your Infertility Due to Weak Kidneys? 5 Emotional Signs of Kidney Imbalance and How It Affects Fertility. By Paige Challoner, Fertility Specialist.

Do you have low or depleted energy between 5pm and 7pm?

 Do you often experience ringing in the ears, lower backache, or sweats in the afternoon or evening?

Does your mouth or throat always feel dry and you are constantly thirsty?

These are just some of the physical symptoms indicating an imbalance with the kidneys.  Aside from the physical symptoms, there are emotional/mental signs of kidney imbalance as well, and all of these can have a direct affect on your fertility.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys store our essence, which is inherited from our parents.  This essence determines a few things for us, including our basic constitution, growth, sexual maturation and fertility. 

Here are 5 emotional signs of a kidney imbalance that could be affecting your fertility:

  • Negative thinking – This is the emotional tendency to forever look at what is wrong with things. Always approaching things from a negative prospective and unwilling to see any positive aspect.
  • Self acceptance issues – This involves an emotional and mental state that is constantly having self doubt and feeling ashamed of yourself. Deep feelings of being inadequate, worthless, incompetent, insufficient, are typically coupled with feelings of constant guilt. Overall there is no self respect or efforts to take care of yourself.
  • Selfish and judgemental – The emotional signs here include being intensely critical, along with a tendency to be jealous, possessive, or envious. Being severely selfish and uncaring about those around you and the environment in general are also predominant. Underlying this is a fearfulness and paranoia in how you function and your overall orientation within the world.
  • Righteous and perfect – The emotional tendency for perfectionism and in effect trying to control everything. In addition, you tend to judge others, making them wrong and become annoyed and bitter towards them as they don’t live up to your standards.
  • Intense fear and anxiety – All of the above will typically be underlined with the intense worry, anxiety and fears over money and how to survive. Constantly feeling alone and on your own, there is no trust of partnership, connection or commitment. 

Many of these emotional/ mental signs will stem from growing up with parents or family that would typically handle everything with one or more of the following approaches:  blame, accuse or make others wrong for anything and everything, , invalidate others, criticize others unfairly, coupled with having intense anxiety, fear or paranoia that they would then impose on others. 

If you suspect that your kidneys are affecting your fertility, we can help!    Our Fertility Blueprint Program helps uncover any kidney imbalances, strengthening them, as well as your fertility.  To learn more, book a VIP Day, or sign up for our 3 Month Program, call Lasya Healing Centre at 403-452-2445.

Resource: Messages from the Body – Michael J. Lincoln, PhD