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Guest Therapist – Michelle Lynn Post

January 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Lasya Healing Centre
6436 1a St SW
Calgary, AB T2H 0G6
Guest Therapist - Michelle Lynn Post @ Lasya Healing Centre | Calgary | Alberta | Canada

Guest Therapist – Michelle Lynn Post from Making Strides is here for ONE DAY ONLY!!

Body Composition Testing

This is a fantastic way to find out where your body composition lies when it comes to how much fat versus muscle versus water weight that you have in your body and showcase how well your health program is working for you.  This 30 minute session will can tell how quickly your body cells are turning over, how many kcals your body requires just to function in a day, how quickly you are detoxing and whether you should be starting a health program.  The composition program starts with a non-invasive electrical current that runs through your system, very quickly.  It counts how quickly it goes through and what is blocking it, and with this information, the mathematics can state with accuracy where you should take your health program.  With this information you will get great ideas and tips on foods that you can incorporate to help move you forward to Optimum Wellness.  Take the confusion out of wellness journey, get clarity, and take your first step forward into your fabulous new life TODAY!

Investment: 30 Min test for only $49.99+gst

Booking: OR 403-452-2445

About Michelle 

 Michelle Post is a C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Metabolic Balance Coach.  She has a passion for helping you achieve Optimum Wellness by holding Nutrition to a higher standard. Having successfully navigated her own health issues with Crohn’s Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, Reproductive Health, she has managed to reset her own metabolism, and rebalance her own hormones to achieve her perfect weight. 

After a seven year battle with infertility, Michelle tried everything to lose the unwanted weight that is associated with hormone therapies.  “I tried everything, I even became a Holistic Nutritional Consultant so I could learn more about hormones, and nothing worked for me”.  Finally, she dug deeper into her education to become a Metabolic Balance Coach and tried the program for herself.  She was successful in releasing 40 lbs of unwanted weight, and rebalancing her hormones.  She now shares her education and experiences with you so you too can achieve the life you so desire.