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Are There Demons In Your Bank Account? with Max Riggs

February 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Private Residence SW Calgary
provided at time of registration
$75 USD

Are there Demons in your Bank Account?

This evening workshop works with identifying and removing the financial constructs that energetically keep you from your naturally abundant money flows.

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Investment: $75US

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Max is a high level dynamic change facilitator working one-on-one or through group sessions with people that are ready to have the change they have always wanted. He plays BIG and quickly takes us through the limitations we have decided are solid and unchangeable.   He has a way of explaining limits/blocks and how to change them in a way that invites our intuitive, energetic and analytical minds to work together.  Blocks that have been keeping us from being who we came here can clear quickly with his work.

“Everything we are doing or have done shows us our power, our strength. While much of what’s we’ve done may not seem empowering, by looking at the decisions leading up to these experiences and drilling down into them, I’ve found that our power is always there.”

Max sees the power in each and every one of us and his techniques not only shows our power, but how to access it and start using it for us rather than against us.  

Throughout his life, Max didn’t feel like he fit in.  He struggled with being who he was, fighting against himself, before learning and developing tools to use and embrace awarenesses that previously seemed to be a burden.  After asking the question, “there must be something more to life than this,” he was introduced to and started learning about the challenges of change from an energetic perspective.  This energetic study led him to where he is now as one of the cutting-edge explorers on the beliefs and forces limiting us. His work continues to move beyond the edges of what is currently known to find what prevents the change we would like from occurring and then creating that desired change.

His current exploration centers around how external forces push and influence us and our lives.  He’s found that these forces are one of the main reasons, we haven’t been able to create the changes that it seems we should be able to. His tools and techniques remove these energetic influences allowing us to create what we have always desired.