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Not Feeling Accomplished? Three Reasons Why We Should Be Celebrating Ourselves More! By Jessica Choronzey, RMT

Do you feel “down” when you finish a large project? 

Does life feel like one big To Do List? 

Do you feel like you’re never enough, even when you’re succeeding?  The act of self-celebration is not a common practice in today’s world.  No wonder we constantly find ourselves tired, stressed out, and feeling blue.  Read on for three reasons why you may not be feeling as successful as your should.


You pour your time, heart and soul into a major project, yet when it’s all said and done, you feel let down.  You should be feeling amazing!  But instead, a sense of self-doubt creeps up on you.  Why is this?  Because we’ve forgotten how important it is to take a moment to cheer!  Traditional cultures all over the world have ceremonies and rituals all the time. So why don’t we?  What if we celebrated a major business project the way our ancestors celebrated crops being harvested?  As an adult, we assume we shouldn’t seek validation for simply doing our jobs.  That forces us to see our work as a job, not a passion.   Lets start giving our selves some credit for our wins!

You make a To- Do List; you complete the To- Do List.  Then, you make a new To-Do List.  Sound like you?  Congratulations, and welcome to my world.  It all begins to feel like a rat race, and you start to resent this life you always dreamed of having.  Instead of being in a constant state of exhaustion and anger, we should be taking a moment at the end of every little list to reflect on the journey.  There will always be tiring and hard times during your week.  But there are also moments you’ll feel proud!  Acknowledge these moments when your task is complete.

As we get older, the “good jobs” from bosses start to become few and far between.  Our partners stop noticing all we do around the house.  The more successful we become, the less validation we will get from others.  Well, its up to you now.  There is nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader.  In fact, it’s pretty darn healthy to be proud of yourself.  As humans we are programed to seek external validation, but please remember that loving yourself is just as important.  You are 100% allowed to be proud of your accomplishments!

So now you know why we sometimes aren’t as impressed with ourselves as we should be.  But what to do about it?  I recommend allotting yourself at least one hour, at the end of your week to take time to reflect.  Look through your day timer, take a glance at your family calendar, or browse through your emails.  Instead of forgetting what just passed, remember the hard work you put in and allow yourself to feel your success.   Reward yourself.  Book that massage appointment, treat yourself to lunch, or sleep in on the weekend. You’re probably doing a lot more than you’re giving yourself credit for!

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