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Celebrate You Much? 3 Things You Must Do to Fully Celebrate Your Goals! By Paige Challoner, Personal Growth Counsellor, Energy Work Practitioner

Do you ever take the time to celebrate the achievement of your goals? 

Instead of celebrating do you tend to reflect more on the struggles it took to get you there? 

Or do you often check the goal off your list and immediately move onto the next one?

Neglecting to celebrate the accomplishment of your goals, or to review them with a critical tone, can be keeping you from greater possibilities, including having more self confidence, feeling more fulfilled and living more joyfully.

Setting goals and including the daily task lists to achieve them is not only important to help maintain focus, but also to provide something more constructive to know when a goal has been reached.  Once you have achieved a goal, it is important to keep these three things in mind:

  • Acknowledge it! It is time to own it! No matter how big or small it may be, acknowledging the achievement of your goal is absolutely required.  By acknowledging yourself and what you have done, whether it met your expectations or not, sets you up for future success.  On the other hand, when you neglect an achievement and move on to the next goal, you are developing a habit that subconsciously takes a negative view on your accomplishments.  This cultivates more of the “it’s not good enough” feeling.  Which brings us to the next point.
  • Keep it positive! Many of us are our own worst critics and when it comes to achieving a goal, keeping it positive in your celebration will continue to boost self confidence and help stave off burnout. When you feed yourself negative self talk it can result in depleting your confidence.  Instead, by asking what else is possible with any learnings from the experience, you create an opportunity for growth which can assist with setting future goals.
  • Make celebrations suitable for the goal achieved. With all goals you can break them down to small wins and make the celebration appropriate for the achievement. For example, indulging in an “all you can eat” dessert bar after a week of clean eating doesn’t seem appropriate for a goal of losing 25 or more pounds.  Indulging in a single serving dessert that is within the dietary restrictions that are part of your healthier eating goals would be more appropriate.  Once you have achieved that weight goal you could celebrate with a new outfit that flatters your new curves and an evening out to flaunt it.  Sometimes knowing how you are going to celebrate can be the motivational “carrot” (or dark chocolate indulgence) to get you there. 

Whatever your goals are, ensure that you celebrate your achievements when they are reached.  You will feel more confident and will create greater possibilities for yourself as you feel more fulfilled.

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