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Having Trouble Achieving Your Desires? 3 Things to Consider to Get Clear on What You Truly Desire and Get Better Results. By Paige Challoner, Access Consciousness Practitioner.

Do you often fall short of achieving your desires? 

Or they never turn up the way you expected?

Does it seem harder for you to achieve your desires, compared to those around you? 

Frustrating and disappointing, to say the least.  Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at what you are desiring to get a better understanding of why you are not getting the results.

When it comes to actualizing desires, looking at these three things will help you to understand more about what is impacting the results of your desires.

  1. Is the desire even something you want, or is it something that everyone else has, or is wanting? Starting with this question is key, as many of the desires that we have are something that we truly do not desire for ourselves. Similar to be being swept up in the latest trend, or following the family footsteps, you really need to ask yourself if the desire is something that you truly want.  The stronger the feeling for the desire, the better. If the source of motivation doesn’t truly come from you though, then chances are the desire you have isn’t yours.
  1. What beliefs are there around achieving my desires that are not true? This question is about any “poisoning of the well” from others.  They can be anything from the negative “nay-sayers” that tell you what you are trying to achieve is impossible, or you cannot do it, right to what you believed was true when you were growing up from various influences – parents, other family members, teachers, media influences etc. Any negative thoughts that come up when you work towards your desire will negate it from being actualized, so releasing these beliefs are also key.
  1. Do I have expectations, or conclusions that are limiting how my results should be? When we expect the desire to show up a certain way, we cut off all of the other possibilities of how it could show up for us.  The same is true when we conclude how it should show up.  Being aware of and then releasing where you are limiting results due to conclusions or solidified expectations is a start to letting your desires be actualized in new ways.

By addressing your desires through these three questions, you can become more clear on what it is that you are truly desiring.  You will open things up to greater possibilities for yourself, by knowing if you are the true source of motivation of your desires, and being aware of any expectations, conclusions and beliefs that are impacting the results. Overall, you will be helping by achieving those desires with more ease and fun!

Need some assistance with getting better results for your desires?  Try an Access Consciousness Session with Paige and gain more clarity on your desires and why you may be having trouble with achieving them.  To book a session, call Lasya Reception at 403-452-2445.