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Ready For 2018 To Be Your Best Year Yet? 3 Simple Tools To Make This Happen For You. By Christine Rooney, Massage, Energy Work, Reflexology

Are you tired of setting New Year’s resolutions that shortly fall by the way side?

Is your negative mental chatter preventing you from having an amazing life?

Are you ready to choose a different way of creating the life you would like?

Give your mind the tools it is looking for to keep you focused on what you desire to create instead of being distracted by your negative thoughts and actions. Choose to come off your “hamster wheel” of non-creativity. The following three steps will give you simple tools to use to establish a new way of doing things:

Step 1.            Create a theme word for the year.

Words are powerful creators. Think of the word “unstoppable” for example. It can bring up an energy or frequency within your body resembling power and persistence; that nothing can get in your way.  Decide what your theme word is going to be for the year such as “Fearless”, “Calm”, or “Fun” to name a few.

Next, as you begin to take action steps towards reaching your goals, use the energy of your theme word to do just that. For example, if your theme word is “Calm”, take action steps in a calm way versus a frantic way.

Finally, have your theme word visible for you to see daily. Leave your word on a sticky note by your computer or mirror so when you see it, it reminds you to be in this creative energy. Focusing your energy on that word helps you make choices that are in alignment with your theme word.

Step 2.            Do frequent “check-ups”.

Just like you take a car in for check-ups to make sure it is running properly, it is important for you to do frequent “check-ups” to see if the choices you are taking toward your goals are in alignment with your theme word and working properly for you. This allows you to get awareness on where you might need to make minor adjustments such as moving your theme word to a different location so you “see” it more frequently and stay on track.

Step 3. Use these tools for if you get side tracked.

Occasionally, your “wheels may come off”. It is no biggy! Acknowledge that you have been making choices or allowing mental chatter to distract you from your theme word. Let go of judgements or thoughts of wrongness and instead realize that you are in the process of learning what is working for you and what isn’t. Remind yourself why you chose your theme word and start making choices that are in alignment with this.

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