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Tired of Your Money Issues? 3 Areas That You Never Knew Could Be Affecting Your Finances, and What You Can Do About Them! By Paige Challoner, EnergyWork Therapist

Are you stuck in the “never seem to have enough money” cycle? 

When you start to feel like you are getting ahead financially does something unexpected happen that puts you back to square one? 

Ready to try something new to change all this?

There is more to your money issues and finances beyond revenues and expenses on a balance sheet.

These are 3 areas that can affect your finances and keep you stuck in your money patterns.

  • Your Ability to Receive – If you struggle with receiving anything, you will also struggle with receiving more money. For example – if you always feel the need, or the gulit, that you should reciprocate when someone pays you a compliment, treats you to your favourite beverage, or gifts you anything, you definitely have trouble with receiving.  The same goes for when you get money (a bonus, a discount, an inheritance) whatever the additional win is for your funds, something else shows up that depletes it or cancels out your gain – or you end up spending it so that you can’t actually just have the money.  Its that “what comes in, must got out” pattern.  Even if it is clearing up a debt, unless you are able to stay debt-free and be willing to have money, you will continue to create more debt, and unless you address your ability to receive it will continue to go through the cycle of your pattern.
  • Your Self-Worth – This is also linked to your ability to receive. If self-worth is low, you will typically have a hard time spending money on yourself, as well as receiving money for yourself. You are quick to pay it forward or share in your new found wealth, and are less likely to hang onto it.  You usually over deliver and if you totalled up the true number of hours that you work, the hourly rate is really quite low.

Indications that you have an imbalance with your receiving or self-worth may show up in your physical body as pain, discomfort or other issues with one or more of these: lower back, hands, pancreas, hips, pelvis, any part of the reproductive system, digestive system, or respiratory system.

  • Your Hereditary Links – If there is a history of ailments for any of the areas listed above on either side of your family, this could be an indication of a hereditary issue with money and finances.

So how can you heal these areas, and in effect, your money patterns? Certainly addressing the physical imbalances is a start. To get to the deeper issues, you need to address things such as belief systems, active memories, and learned or passed down patterns through hereditary lines.  Many EnergyWork modalities can address these, including BodyTalk, Reiki, and Access Consciousness Body Processes.

To learn more, or if you need some assistance with healing your money issues, book in with Paige to find out what areas are affecting your financial situation.  Call Lasya Reception at 403-452-2445.