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Our Why

Tracy’s Why:

I grew up in a small town in Southeast Alberta. I am the oldest of four girls to very young parents.

Because they had many mouths to feed, failing to make money was not an option and our fun consisted of working together to get tasks completed or hanging out with the multitude of cousins that lived in the small town, playing kick ball in the Mason’s Lodge grass parking lot.

My mom was 16 and my dad was 19 when they got married. I came along 3 years later and my siblings arrived every 3 years after that. This created intense motivation for both of them to finish high school, go to college, take night classes, correspondence courses, open or purchase their own businesses, rental properties, work camp jobs, whatever they could to put food on the table and clothes on our backs.

Financial strain and stress always hung in the air. They were always working or figuring out ways to make money, save up and create more so that they could put more money into us kids, our future as a family and always leaving themselves last in the equation.

My dad used to say ” if you are the hardest worker, you will always have a job”.

So as a young child I was ridiculed and bullied for everything. My glasses, my long hair, acne, you name it they found that tender spot and struck. So I made sure that I had top marks so that the teachers would approve. I was always the hardest worker so that I always had a place. I craved attention, nurturing and being told that I could do anything. This I received from my teachers and instructors.

Both of my parents are extremely hard workers and they always had work. They always were promoted due to their work ethic and I took that to heart along with an intense fear of losing my job and not having money because then I would not have a place. Only if necessary did I spend anything on myself. Always looking for a way to make it for cheaper or I would do without.

These beliefs that I chose created mental and emotional strain, which unknown to me at the time, took a huge toll on my physical body, which I never looked after.

When it came time to create my own family, that depletion that I created within myself due to lack of self care resulted in me being infertile.

I had been “diagnosed” as stress induced infertility. According to Western Medicine, my husband and I passed all of the tests with flying colors, even the unique ones looking for gene mutations. There was no physical reason why we could not conceive.

The problem was I was a complete mess inside. I started looking everywhere for a fix, a checklist. I spent countless hours researching and reading books trying to figure out the right thing to do.

My younger sisters had started their families with what appeared to be minimal effort. My husbands brother appeared to be having babies easily as well.

To add salt to the wound, we became the butt of baby jokes from our family and friends with a glorious helping of gossip and lies among those that we were around as to what they felt was going wrong. The majority of these were about me and my supposed wrong doings.

I hated everyone and everything and yet I felt compelled to ask everyone and consulted everything in case something could be done. I was that desperate to have a family of my own. It was emotional chaos every day.

Resentment started to bleed into all of my relationships and affected my career. I felt dead and hollow inside.

After spending thousands of dollars over 3 years, we came into contact with a Complimentary Medicine therapist through a recommendation of a friend who had conceived with their assistance.

Through working with this person it was indeed stress induced infertility. Mental and emotional stress around self worth and finances, my workaholic lifestyle and choosing to never take care of me resulted in a completely burnt out and depleted body.

My poor body and I could not take on anymore. My lifestyle choices and beliefs had completely shut down my reproductive system.

Through that experience, the release, the shift, the self care, I started to work on choosing me first and we conceived. At the same time, I was hooked.

Fertility issues in the Architecture & Design Industry was rampant and I had found a solution. I was not going to walk away when I had been through all of that pain and not share with other people so that they did not have to go through what I did. Or if they were, knowing that I could help and truly understood it.

So now not only did I have a solution for overworked burnt out couples who were looking to conceive, I was able to create a system where people could receive nurturing, attention and confidence that they can do anything.

With over 14 years experience in helping couples conceive, it still warms my heart and brings joyful tears to my eyes when one of our clients conceives.

Being able to watch these children grow up and knowing that we were able to be part of their creation story makes me so very grateful. Going home to my two beautiful daughters, who truly were instrumental in changing my life, my world and who I am is a gift every day.

I look forward to becoming part of your baby’s creation story.

Tracy Blehm, Director

Paige’s Why:

I grew up in Central Alberta as a middle child, and the second girl to parents who were high school sweethearts.  My parents came from two different types of farming families and grew up near a very small town in Eastern Saskatchewan.  With high hopes for greater opportunities, they moved out of Saskatchewan and moved around for the first 7 years before deciding on building their own home on an acreage outside of Red Deer. They were so proud to be building a brand new home and having a property located on a hill with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains.  

They resided at this location together for 32 years.  After my father passed away from an 18-month battle with cancer, my mother resided there for another 4 years before she decided that maintaining a big property and house was too much work and decided to move to Red Deer.

Growing up on the acreage was filled with much work and upkeep of a big yard, garden and property, but it also came with the freedom to explore the outdoors. We built multiple tree forts, played with all the kids in neighbouring acreages, road motorbikes through the fields and played on the community baseball team.  We rode the big yellow school bus to a school located in Red Deer to attend the same school from Grade 1 to 12.  Making life long friends with kids that also lived outside of Red Deer, spanning out in every direction around the city.

My family put a strong emphasis on my little brother, being the only boy that would be able to carry on the family name.  Having been the second daughter born, I was often told the story that after my arrival the news was delivered with more disappointment than excitement – “Well, it’s another girl.”  At least I got everything my sister had – even if it was a hand-me-down.

My parents always worked very hard to get further and further ahead.  They had high expectations, valued quality, money and status and I completely took this to heart.  I worked hard at being the best I could be at everything I did.  I took perfectionism to a new level by doing everything I was told to do by any authority figure and completed it beyond the expectations and with extreme detail.  Seeking my parents’ approval, support and attention over and above my siblings was my strongest desire.  From a very young age this longing need was internalized and resulted with perpetuating back, neck and shoulder issues – interesting that these represent being supported or having a lack of emotional support in life. So as my parents valued status and money, my goals followed suit and I worked my way towards a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Major in Marketing.

Three jobs and nine years later I acquired knowledge in every area of producing, merchandising, marketing and selling top brand name products for major companies.  I even fulfilled a dream to travel the world with my husband.  A dream that I knew was one of my mother’s that she did not realize on the scale that she so much desired.   It was through these travels that I carried the same level of high expectations and need for perfectionism of myself.  With hopes that my stress levels from a busy career and lifestyle would subside with travelling, my body soon shut down and acquired many of the traveler illnesses, including malaria, which I was told repeatedly by many, that I would have for the rest of my life.

It was through my determination to prove everyone completely wrong, but more for the health of my future children, that upon my return to a “real life” I started to seek out ways to reduce the stress in both my mind and body and create a healthy place to conceive and nurture the growth of healthy babies.

Having always been open to trying new things, after 7 months of trying I was recommended to visit a complimentary medicine therapist by a co worker and within a few months, not only were my stress levels down and my mind and body were feeling great, but we were pregnant.

Not expecting things to happen so quickly, but obviously overjoyed, we continued to work with this therapist through this first pregnancy and delivery and throughout the first year of my daughter’s life.

I became so intrigued with complimentary medicine and how it helped me and my new young family, that I needed to learn more.   It was after a miscarriage and another almost miscarriage, coupled with more emotional pain, worry and fear and then layered with the announcement of my father’s illness, that I dove into learning as much as I possibly could.

Sharing this knowledge with others, as I was learning it, absolutely made my heart sing.  As I watched and worked with many people in helping them regain balance within themselves physically, emotionally and mentally, I knew this is where I needed to be.  Compared to any other position, this was the most fulfilling in helping mothers-to-be and their soon to be young families to feel nurtured, supported and heard.

With over 14 years of experience, this feeling has only grown.  Knowing that I am helping people to reconnect with themselves, their partners and what they truly value as family, and then watch them realize the family they could only once dream of brings me immeasurable joy. 

Being part of this journey to conception fills my heart in many ways.  From the initial excitement of a positive test, right through to the announcement of the arrival, the gratitude I feel only grows with each new child and I look forward to being part of your child’s creation story. 

Paige Challoner, Senior Associate